Wedgie War 1

Pharmeceutical salesreps Allison and Megan are sharing a hotel room, Allison tells Megan about her embarrassing episode earlier in the day where her skirt blew up as she entered the convention floor and then Denise from accounting gave her a big wedgie! Megan was shocked to hear it and asked what it felt like. Allison decided right there that the only way Megan would understand what a wedgie was like would be to experience one for herself. They go into the kitchen and while Megan is bending over opening up a cabinet Allison lifts her skirt and gives her panties a good YANKING! Megan shrieks but then can’t stop herself from giggling, she can’t move either with her panties all the way pulled up. The feisty Megan decides to return the favor and turns the tables on Allison, from there the war is on as the two give each other one wedgie after another back on the bed!

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